Terms and Conditions

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale concern the regulation of the purchase of Products, carried out remotely, via computer network, from the site www.knifegarage.com

The Website owner is Knife Garage company with registered office in Via S. G. Cittadella 1 / a CAP 35019, Tombolo (PD), P. Iva IT04892320286

Acceptance of the general sales conditions

All purchases of Products made through the Site by users accessing it are governed by these General Conditions and by the Consumer Code (Legislative Decree no. 206/2005), section II Distance contracts (articles 50 – 67 ) and the rules on electronic commerce (Legislative Decree 70/2003). With the conclusion of the Purchase Contracts, according to the procedure, the Customer accepts and undertakes to observe these General Conditions. The Customer, therefore, is invited to read carefully, before making any purchase transaction, these General Conditions and, once the purchase procedure provided for by the Site has been completed, to print them or in any case to keep them, according to the preferred methods. Knife Garage may modify, at any time and without notice, the contents of the General Conditions, the General Conditions published on the Website at the time the Customer sends the purchase order, will apply to the Purchase Contracts.


www.knifegarage.com is a computerized site selling Japanese hand made Knives and cutlery related products. All the Products offered are illustrated in detail on the home page of the Site, within the respective sections, and divided by Product categories. The visual representation of the Products on the Site, where available, normally corresponds to the photographic image of the Products themselves and has the sole purpose of presenting them for sale, without any guarantee or commitment, from Knife Garage, regarding the exact correspondence of the image depicted on the Site with the actual Product; and this, with particular regard to its actual dimensions and / or the chromatic aspects of the Products and / or the packages. In case of difference between the image and the written product sheet, the description of the product sheet always prevails.

Purchase procedure

The Customer can buy the Products in the electronic Knife Garage catalog, illustrated in detail on the home page of the Site www.knifegarage.com within the respective sections by product category, as described in the relevant information sheets contained in the Site, respecting the procedures access techniques illustrated therein. The publication of the Products displayed on the Website constitutes an invitation to the Customer to formulate a contractual purchase proposal. The order sent by the Customer has the value of a contractual proposal and implies full knowledge and full acceptance of these General Conditions. The successful receipt of the Customer’s proposal is confirmed by Knife Garage by means of an automatic reply sent to the email address communicated by the Customer and only confirms the correct reception of the proposal within the information systems. This confirmation message will indicate an “Order Number”, to be used in any subsequent communication with Knife Garage. The message will propose, in addition to the mandatory information by law, all the data entered by the customer who undertakes to verify its correctness and to promptly communicate any correction. Possible increases in costs caused by errors in data not promptly reported, will be the sole responsibility of the Customer.

Each order can be viewed by the Customer on the Site, in his personal area, immediately after sending the order and can be canceled until it is sent to the warehouse for preparation. Occasional non-availability of the Products offered may occur, in which case, if the Products chosen by the Customer are not, in whole or in part available, the order will be sent with the products available after having sent notice to the Customer regarding the products not available. Payments by Credit Card and PayPal require only authorization (See Payment Methods) or a reservation of money without an actual charge when the Customer enters the order. The payment is therefore effectively charged to the Customer only when the Products are delivered to the courier in charge of the shipment. In this phase, Knife Garage will also issue the invoice for the order. This implies that in case of cancellation of the order by the Customer (through a reserved area or by request to Customer Service) no amount will be charged to the same and therefore Knife Garage will not have to make any refund. Each Purchase Agreement entered into between Knife Garage and the Customer shall be deemed concluded with the acceptance of the order by www.knifegarage.com. Knife Garage has the right to accept or not, at its discretion, the order sent by the Customer, without the latter being able to make claims or rights whatsoever, in any capacity, including compensation, in the event of non-acceptance of the order itself. In particular, Knife Garage reserves the right not to accept purchase proposals and cancel orders that do not give sufficient guarantees of solvency or if – even after comparison with the circuit that handles credit card payments – transaction anomalies result and in the payment methods used by the Customer. The confirmation of the order is given to the Customer when the Products are delivered to the courier in charge of the shipment with the relative issue of the invoice.

Product prices

All Product prices are clearly indicated on the Site and are inclusive of VAT. Delivery costs are adequately highlighted at the time of the order. The cost of each shipment, the amount of which may vary based on the method of delivery and payment, as well as the destination and the total amount of the order.

Delivery methods and costs

www.knifegarage.com delivery in all countries indicated on the Site and delivery will take place without an appointment. Knife Garage issues an invoice for the Products purchased, when the Products are delivered to the courier for shipment, sending it via e-mail to the Customer. The information provided by the Customer will be used to issue the invoice. No changes to the data will be possible after the invoice has been issued. No responsibility, for any reason, may be charged by the Customer to Knife Garage in the event of delay in the execution of the order or in the delivery of the Products covered by the Purchase Contracts. The ordered Products will be sent to the postal address specified by the Customer. Upon delivery of the Products by Knife Garage to the courier in charge, a shipment confirmation e-mail will be sent to the user.

Deliveries will be made from Monday to Friday, during normal business hours, excluding national holidays. Delivery is considered completed when the Product is made available to the Customer at the address specified in the order form. In case of non-delivery due to the absence of the recipient at the specified address, the courier will send an e-mail alert and will attempt delivery the next day. In case of impossibility to carry out the delivery even the next day due to the absence of the recipient, the Customer Service will try to contact the Customer to schedule a new delivery. Should the Customer Service not be able to contact the Customer for the next 10 days or in case of further impossibility of delivery due to the absence of the recipient, the Products object of the order will be returned to Knife Garage. After 30 (thirty) days from the date on which the Products subject to the order were returned to Knife Garage due to the impossibility of delivery, the contract will be terminated and the purchase order canceled pursuant to art. 1456 of the Civil Code Knife Garage will reimburse the amount paid by the Customer, net of the costs of returning the Products and the costs of storing them at the courier’s branch appointed for delivery.

The termination of the contract and the refund amount will be communicated via e-mail. The refund amount will be credited to the payment method used by the Customer for the purchase. In the event that, before the expiration of the thirty days, the Customer requests to receive again the purchased Products, Knife Garage will proceed with the new delivery subject to the charge, in addition to the expenses thereof, of the costs of returning the Products to Knife Garage and the expenses of custody. Cases of force majeure, unavailability of transport means, as well as unforeseeable or unavoidable events that cause a delay in deliveries or make deliveries difficult or impossible or cause a significant increase in the cost of delivery charged to Knife Garage, will entitle the latter to split , defer or cancel, in whole or in part, the expected delivery or to terminate the Purchase Agreement. In such cases, Knife Garage will provide timely and adequate communication of its determinations to the e-mail address indicated by the Customer and the latter will be entitled to a refund of any price already paid, excluding any further claim, for any reason, against of Knife Garage.

Terms of payment

The payment for the purchased Products can be made by Bank Transfer, with the major credit cards through the Stripe system.

Non-conformity of defective products and products

The Products offered on the Site comply with the national and EU legislation in force in Italy. The images and colors of the Products published on the Site may differ from the actual ones due to the local settings of the systems and / or tools used for their display. In case of lack of conformity of the Products purchased with respect to the description published on the Site and in case of faulty or defective Product, the Customer has the right to immediate reimbursement of the non-conforming goods, upon sending through the form present in the Customer Service section of photographs that highlight the damage or non-conformity of the Product. This will be followed by a communication from the Knife Garage staff with the indication of the reimbursement modality that could also occur through discount vouchers on the next purchase higher than the value of the goods to be refunded, excluding any further liability of Knife Garage, for any reason.

Intellectual property rights

All trademarks (both registered and unregistered), as well as any and all intellectual property, distinctive sign or name, image, photograph, written or graphic text and more generally any other intangible asset protected by international laws and conventions on the subject of intellectual property and industrial property, reproduced on the Website, remain the exclusive property of Knife Garage and / or its assignors, without the Customer having any right to such rights from access to the Site and/or the Conclusion of Purchase Agreements. Any use, even if only partial, of the same is prohibited without the prior written authorization of Knife Garage and / or its assignors, in whose favor all the relative rights are exclusively reserved. Any disputes will be resolved before the competent judicial authority based on the applicable legislation.