Yu Kurosaki Raijin R2 Cobalt Special Nakiri 165mm



Well known for his unique blade design, Yu Kurosaki is one of Japan’s youngest and most talented blacksmiths. Kurosaki not only plays with the wonderful designs on the blades, but also with the excellent performance envied by many other manufacturers. High quality materials and ancient forging techniques are combined to create a knife with an extremely thin and sharp wire that will resist during use.

Raijin, the Japanese god of thunder is the inspiration that Kurosaki-san used for this new hand-hammered model. The folds of Damascus steel play in contrast to a unique plot that only Kurosaki succeeds in something so creative and fantastic with a surprising touch effect.

This particular Nakiri with 165mm blade is best expressed in the cutting of vegetables for the most sophisticated and demanding professional and home kitchens, making each cut an unforgettable experience.


Steel: R2 Powdered Special Cobalt Steel
Hardness: 62-63 Hrc
Handle Material: Cherry wood
Sharpening: 50:50
Blade length: 165 mm
Blade thickness: 2.3 mm
Tip thickness: 0.6 mm


– Wash the knife by hand and dry it with a dry cloth.
– Do not cut frozen foods.
– Use preferably sharpening stones to sharpen your knife.

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