Tadafune Vintage SK Gyuto 300 mm Rosewood Handle



Supplied by an old forger now close in the town of Seki, this new knife order waited 30 years before being rediscovered. The vintage look of this petty is very different from today’s modern designs, but the quality and design make them unique in their field. As in the case of our Masatoshi Gyuto, there are technical proofs of antiqued hardening on the blade, made from SK high-carbon steel. This steel is somewhat similar to Kigami Yellow, which is easy to sharpen, maintains excellent sharpness, and unlike the classic White or Blue Japanese Steels, they are easier to maintain. The handle is in pure rosewood, this was a popular choice for knives produced around Tokyo in those times. * These knives have been found in an old forge plant near Seki, so they may have some slight discoloration along the blade that makes them unique in their kind.


Steel: Super Aogami Blue Steel
Hardness: 63-64 HRC
Handle Material: American cherry
Shape: Octagonal
Blade Length: 150 mm
Blade Thickness: 3.5 mm
Bit thickness: 0.8 mm


– Wash the knife by hand and dry it with a dry cloth.
– Do not cut frozen foods.
– Use preferably sharpening stones to sharpen your knife.

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