Masakage koishi Nakiri 165mm

305,00 225,00


The Masakage koishi line is made from the processing of Super Aogami Carbon Steel laminated between two Stainless Steel layers. Super Aogami steel is the best carbon steel, holds sharply, cuts like silk, is easy to sharpen and is very robust thanks to the incredible hardness of 63:64 Hrc. The fantastic hardness of this steel is enclosed between two softer layers of stainless steel, in this way you get all the performance of carbon steel (strength and ease of sharpening), without many of the common maintenance (rust) of others carbon steels. These knives have been called Koishi (Stones in Japanese) for the Tsuchime (Hammering), and the kurochi (Nera) finish, which resembles pebbles along river banks. All the knives of the Masakage line are carefully selected and produced in Japan with traditional production techniques and are sharpened one by one by Mr. Takayuki Shibata, the best sharpener in the Hiroshima region, also well known worldwide.



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