Konosuke Keinai NT Gyuto 210mm

This keinai NT line produced by Kaneshine Cutlery in Sakai is forged from a new and secret composition of Powdered Steels with a high Vanadium and Chromium content and a final hardness of 61-62 Hrc.
These blades forged with the “San-Mai” technique are laminated between two layers of stainless Black Damask steel that give a rich variety of different colors throughout the blade.

You will notice a small space left between the handle and the blade (machi *) which is mostly aesthetic and often called “Tokio Style” given the high number of knives produced in Tokyo precisely with this particular feature. Often Japanese Katanas have this space between the blade and handle in order to insert the guard or Tsuba and this characteristic alludes to this traditional characteristic.

* This knife comes with a wooden saya specially designed to protect this knife.


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