Hitohira Imojiva SG2 gyuto 210mm


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Forged from SG2 High Powdered Steel, this Japanese blacksmith could not obtain a more practical, sharp and easy to maintain blade. SG2 steel offers all the characteristics of a traditional Japanese knife with high carbon content but without developing oxidation along the blade. Simply a relatively modern and fun to use steel. The clean finish shows a slight “hagane” shadow all along the edge, produced in the forging processes. This 210mm kitchen knife is perfect for various kitchen workings ranging from fish, meat and various vegetable processing, thanks to the thin blade edge, every cut will be clean without effort.


Steel: SG2 High Powdered Steel
Hardness: 63 Hrc
Handle Material: Pakka wood
Sharpening: 50:50
Blade length: 210 mm
Blade thickness: 2.1 mm
Tip thickness: 0.3 mm


– Wash the knife by hand and dry it with a dry cloth.
– Do not cut frozen foods.
– Use preferably sharpening stones to sharpen your knife.

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