Custom Wood Handle Grade B



This custom-made wooden handle of excellent manufacture is handcrafted from the combination of Leopard wood and a special turquoise-colored elder box wood separated by copper inserts. Some of these handles require a few days of work to guarantee an excellent solidity of the product that uses stabilized woods sourced from all around the world. Each handle is assembled, sanded and polished by hand to guarantee an excellent feeling and a marvelous and accurate final quality of the product.

*This handle fit: Gyuto 210/240mm  – Sujihiki 240/270mm – Yanagiba 210/240mm

* If you are going to install your new knife handle, we advise you to use resins to fix the blade that should be centered to the handle.


Handle Material: Leopard Wood

Spacer Material: Copper & Blue Elder Box Wood

Length: 137mm

Width: 22mm


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